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We met at the end of 2015 online of all places! We talked on the phone from that moment until we finally met in person towards the end of 2016. We met for the first time and had our first date at a Mumford & sons concert. and the rest they say is history! Lol! Christine is a die hard Mumford & sons fan. We have been to 3 Mumford & sons shows together and 1 solo Marcus Mumford show if that tells you anything lol. We both love music and have been to lots of concerts together over the years. I’m sure as we start adding more and more items, our love of music will be reflected. Between our first date and the present, we have been all over while Justin worked out of town. We spent the last few years together living on the road. At the end of 2021 we got married. On the day we met online 6 years prior! In the summer of 2022, we packed up our fifth wheel and decided to stop working on the road and came back home for good. We now both work for our family’s business and decided to add a side hustle! We hope you like our story as much as we do! Thanks for stopping by! We will be adding our variety of handmade items as we make them so be patient as we grow! We can do custom things as well… 🖤

Christine & Justin

Cloudy mountains with an empty interstate
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